Thank You!

Wow, we here at the Bedford Humane Society want to give a huge thank you for the grant monies provided to us from the Alexander McCausland Charitable Trust! We have so many programs that truly depend on grant funding for us to be able to continue them. The Bedford Humane Society programs are designed to improve the lives of companion animals in the Bedford community.

We especially aim to reach families with financial limitations with our programs like the Animeals Program that allows Bedford County residents who have fallen on hard times to apply for food for their animals temporarily, while they get back on their feet, and facilitate in helping them keep their pets and have one less thing to burden them during hard times. Bedford County residents who fall under low income status are also able to apply for this program as well to help them take some burden off of their financial situation and keep their pets.

The Bedford Humane Society is also involved with running a Spay/Neuter shuttle where residents of Bedford County can apply and have their animals spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped at a much lower price than it would cost to get this done at a veterinarian. The prices are reduced even more for residents who fall under low income status. Without grant funding such as this, the Bedford Humane Society would not be able to fund this program for the residents of Bedford County. We continue to prioritize the importance of preventing litters of unwanted kittens and puppies through public education and our low cost spay/neuter program.

The Bedford Humane Society also relies heavily on this grant funding so we can continue our efforts within Bedford County on what we like to call Forgotten Felines. These cats are not your normal loving house cats but feral cats or community cats who live all over Bedford County. We reach out to advocates who get these cats to our partner clinics have them spayed/neutered, vaccinated, ear tipped, and then place them back into the community. This program is essential to preventing disease within these feral colonies and within the Bedford community, and it also prevents the expansion of these populations. Ultimately, this cuts down on the number of new kittens born every year that end up inundating our local shelter and prevents the euthanasia of such animals.

The Bedford Humane Society couldn’t offer any of our programs without grant funding, as we are a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Thank You letter to Alexander McCausland Charitable Trust!

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