Online forms are down, please download and email your applications.



Found a pet you wish to adopt? Here is the next step:

Download and review the adoption form (right click save link as): Dogs / Cats & Kittens

There is a lot to consider when adopting a pet, and this will help get you started before contacting the foster. Petfinder also has more info and addtional resources available.

Each animal is cared for by a foster parent who, with their hands on knowledge of the pet's traits and personality, will help you determine if your home is the right fit. After you've contacted the foster and are confident moving forward, mail or email the completed application
(subject line: BHS <Dog / Cat> Adoption App).

The foster parent, along with members of our Board of Directors, will review your application and determine what is best for the pet. If approved, you will have the benefit of an experienced foster parent along with BHS if concerns arise.

Feel free to email us any questions or comments regarding the application and it's process.