The Bedford Humane Society would like to thank a wonderful lady named Inga who has been collecting donations at the Forest Library for many years. Each year receiving $200-$400 in the donation jar on the checkout counter.

Each year she designates what programs she’d to support: Sometimes the spay/neuter program, or the animeals program, sometimes to our foster needs or another area.

This will be the last year she will be able to do this as the library has changed their policies on having open donation jars on the counter.

We certainly understand their concerns and appreciate all the years they and Inga supported us.

This year the total is $600 which Inga has chosen to put towards our medical fund.

What a wonderful way to close out this fundraising opportunity!

Thank you again Inga for your kindness over the years and for the Forest library.

Special thanks to Inga & the Forest Library!

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