Our mission and our goal at the Bedford Humane Society, Inc. is the elimination of pet overpopulation and suffering in the town and county of Bedford through education, spay/neuter programs, and pet adoptions as well as the prevention of animal cruelty and neglect through advocacy and humane education.

Our vision is to build a caring community where no companion animal is born unwanted, where they are all happy, healthy, and well fed.

All the animals with BHS are in foster homes so not only are they getting the care they need to get back on their feet, but also the attention and training to become a wonderful family member. Each has their own story that requires a personalized approach. While we don’t get the show animals that everyone flocks to, here they get a fresh start with us, a new beginning, and a whole new lease on life.

You can find out more about our programs below:

Forgotten Felines
Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program
Partners & Sponsors

Board of Directors & Employees

Pat Greier – President

Helene Mullins – Vice President

Janet Linger – Secretary
Becky McCraw – Shelter Director/Treasurer

Shana Sayers – Director

David Goode – Director

Wayne Ollweiler – Director

Laura Thayer – Director

Sarah Agoglia – Office Manager/Shuttle Coordinator